Monday, October 12, 2009


Some things were different at NSGIC 2009 in Cleveland, OH. Perhaps it was the proximity of the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame that stirred things up a bit... This time the crowd wasn't just listening to the presentations, they were actively engaged in online conversations using twitter, following #NSGIC2009. People who weren't at the conference got to participate by responding to the posts and asking their own questions. The presentations are now available online at SlideShare, courtesy of NSGIC. While the conference is over the conversations will continue. To me, those conversations are one key aspect of realizing the NSDI and Gov 2.0.

During my presentation, I claimed that: sharing your current authoritative geodata through web services with open API will help build a platform for transparent and accountable government. Simple as that. Open up those data silos, let others use your data creatively to build applications.

I was honored to co-present with Jerry Johnston, GIO of US EPA. Jerry introduced the ChesapeakeStat program that will provide an avenue for publicly tracking and reporting progress of accelerating nutrient and sediment reduction throughout the Chesapeake Bay watershed, including federal lands. A multi-state and federal partnership that will result in a set of web services and applications built on those web services.

ESRI Inc Supports suchs public/private partnerships to collaboratively build a Gov 2.0 Platform, through the provisioning of Map Services and Tasks, a Content Sharing Program, Open Web Mapping API, and Open Source Sample applications. These and more are available at the ESRI resource center at

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  1. Marten- Thanks for your input, thoughts, and support to NSGIC. Enjoyed the conversation, looking for actions to come from the discussion.