Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Wordle Doodle

Love playing with visualizations of catalogs. Whether using pivot viewer from Microsoft or just some stats, additional visualizations give a different perspective on a catalog. Then of course it's interesting to look at multiple catalogs and their visuals to compare content.

Here's a wordle from our Geoportal Server sandbox. Wordles can be generated from an ATOM feed and Geoportal Server support that in its REST interface:

Wordle: Geoportal Server

And here is one from Geo.data.gov using the same query:

Wordle: Geo.data.gov World

Difference is interesting. Geo.data.gov just had reharvested several thousand USGS quadsheets. the variety in words in significantly less compared to the Geoportal sandbox one and the words all seem to occur about the same number of times. This is because the metadata for the quadsheets is generated.

Take a different perspective on something once in a while. You might learn something.